Welcome To LEGO Club at Americana Student Center Starting March 23rd!

Parents or Guardians can drop their child off for an hour of LEGO Adventure with a Master Builder! Seats are first come first serve, with a max group of 6 in an hour, no sign up required beforehand.

Upon arrival children will receive a name tag, and a snack/water if wanted! Parents, can wait in our cozy lobby for the hour, run an errand, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee next door at Polka Dot Pound Cake! Parents will need to fill out an info sheet upon arrival with basic contact information.


Each LEGO Club session is $20 with a 20% discount for siblings!


We believe children are natural engineers and those inherent skills should be put to the test in a socially engaging way! Have you heard of the 90:10 toy rule? Children should be doing 90% of the work while a toy does 10%. Toys should be platforms for learning rather than directing children. You have that in LEGO!

Starting Monday March 23!

3:15 - 4:15 PM 4 and Up

4:15 - 5:15 PM Grades K-3

Monday: Master Builder Margot

Tuesday: Master Builder Anna

Wednesday: Master Builder Ariel

Thursday: Master Builder Michelle

*At the end of each build you will get an INSTAX photo of your build to take home or put on our Master Builder Wall!

Building Challenges Include...

3D Name Challenge

Drop Tests

Build Your School

Ultimate Playground

Dream House

Amazing Mazes

Extreme Shelters

Tallest Tower

Boat Building

Engineering Escapes

Free Build & More!

*Children should not bring their own LEGOS, we will supply and sanitize our own materials each session!